networking in a sentence

1. Regardless of your skills, intelligence, or education, if you are not good at networking you will always earn minimum wage and live in a trailer park. Since Scrabble is now available for play over the Internet both through game forums and popular social networking sites such as Facebook, there are special pages dedicated to online game cheats as well. Many people wonder why social networking sites are becoming popular. From Cambridge English Corpus Finally, the search for a marriage partner was a motive to many a young servant to … Networking pronunciation. 0. This mega, social networking site was created in 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe (CEO). The first question you may ask is why would you want to share your music on the one of the world's largest networking sites anyways. For example, wireless networking removes the risk of tripping over loose computer cables. More Business is a hotspot for business plan samples, networking and other entrepreneurial issues. The board exists to educate those who issue insurance to members of the community, as well as share information and promote business relationships through networking in the industry. Other Social Networking Sites: Use popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share your new social networking site information. The Spokane Valley Home Scholars serves as a source of support and networking for parents in the Spokane area. What are synonyms for networking? Depending on which social networking giant you use, you could deliver the news in one quick text. Take a look at the online florist's website to see if they have links to any of their social networking pages, then check there for special deals they offer to their followers, friends, and subscribers. Classmates: One of the first social networking site created in 1995, more than 40 million registered members worldwide use this site to connect with former classmates, co-workers and military personnel. At this price, 802.11b wireless networking as well as Bluetooth come as standard. The push to make social networking sites easily accessible on mobile devices such as iPhones stems from the way millenials use social networking sites for communications and daily interactions. The People Hub aggregates all of the users social networking feeds and photos, providing one location to view and update content. Bullying via electronic media: Teens today are rarely out of touch, staying in contact via cell phones, texting, and online social networking sites. It allows us to track and monitor the use of resources. Example sentences with the word network. 4. There was an opportunity for networking between institutions with the objective of putting together collaborative bids. We have not found out what level of informal networking took place outside the context of the trial. The phones created under the Microsoft Pink moniker will be aimed at heavy users of social networking and messaging technology, in order to bring faster and better ways to keep in contact with friends and family. If you participate in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace, think about the types of information you're making publicly available. Again he emphasized the value of networking and the need to pay for the best advice, especially patent agents and the legal wizards. The President plays a particularly important role in fundraising, networking and as the Forum's chief media spokesperson. What is the definition of networking? The Chamber exists as much more than just a networking forum, although this is a part of their function. Networking definition, a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest: Working mothers in the community use networking to help themselves manage successfully. One of the big reasons why social networking sites are becoming popular is because of the multitude of things people can do on social networking sites. Networking online allows people to be more open about their thoughts and feelings without worrying about face-to-face criticism or rejection. It's not enough to just show off some of your favorite tunes in the world of social networking, you've got to get your hands on some fantastic custom MySpace Music Players. The best way to monitor your child's social networking is to set up profiles of your own on MySpace and other sites, and tell your children if they want to participate they have to allow you to "friend" or connect to them. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " We are expanding our network. If you're a bit on the shy side, the idea of networking may seem overwhelming. This allows simplified setup of Local Area Networking devices. As the first truly 'digital generation,' they have the potential to shape and mold social networking sites through their interactions and needs more than any other generation to date. Facebook App - Facebook has to be one of the most used social networking sites in history. The thief or group of thieves sends out emails to addresses either purchased or gathered online, perhaps through social networking profiles or message boards. Other popular social networking sites for teens include Friendster and Friendfeed. Use .network in a sentence, .network meaning?, .network definition, how to use .network in a sentence, use .network in a sentence with examples Visit LoveToKnow Social Networking to learn about the language of social networking, such as RSS Feeds and Web 2.0 and find the best social networking sites for you. Data Centers offer redundant power, lightning-fast fiber connections and 24X7X365 support from a staff with more than a decade of networking experience. Many tire from being on networking sites where the majority of the population are in high school. Online games, social networking, browsing the Internet and even checking emails can be a big use of time. Networking hardware, communications, wireless technologies and security are the best areas with overall growth rates projected at 55%. However, other companies require you to sign up for their e-mail newsletter, friend/visit their social networking site or join a birthday club. This is designed to make social networking easier and more attractive. Press Release: A press release and calls or emails to journalists in the technology, marketing or niche industry field covered by your social networking site can also generate interest and visitors. Going back to school will offer you a chance to meet new people and foster new personal and professional connections through networking. Use online forums and social networking sites like Facebook to get information on the better contests and resources, as well as good photographers. cirrus logic is steadfastly optimistic about CobraNet's continuing role as a driving force behind the growth of the digital audio networking market. From teens to seniors, nearly everyone who is online belongs to one or more social networking sites. As part of this international organization, the local IFDA chapter brings together professionals from all areas of interior design in Washington, D.C., to provide them with networking and showcasing opportunities. Learn the definition of the word "network" and how to use network in a sentence. You'll have a better chance of finding work if you can establish a network of contacts that know your skills and education, and can let you know if they hear of any jobs that come up. For those who don't know about Facebook already, it is a huge online social networking website. Once just a regular girl on the social networking train, she is now a Stuff cover girl with a record deal and forthcoming movie contracts. : Locating food for the dogs was a daily exercise in resourcefulness that involved a network of friends, relatives and fellow dog lovers. This configuration is often referred to as " ad-hoc networking mode " with the sharing computer operating in " infrastructure mode " . There are sites for specific phones, as well as those with mobile applications for many popular Internet sites, especially those that concern social networking and news. You can learn about her design and promotional company, as well as join the networking site, Ignition Nation. Networking on boards that are filled with non-scrapbookers, such as sites for new mothers, is also useful when you're wondering how to advertise scrapbooking for an income. The thief or group of thieves sends out emails to addresses either purchased or gathered … There are many networking opportunities for people who choose to join the organization. Spreading the word that you're looking for business financing and passing out your business cards while networking can help an angel find you through an intermediary. At the time of Myspace's birth, the reigning champ on the social networking scene was Top searched words Networking opportunities provide opportunities for career advancement and the creation of strong alliances within the Ohio insurance industry. The organization offers showcases throughout the year to let potential clients see their member's work and also hosts networking opportunities. Basically, MySpace is a social networking site where people from around the world can go to meet others who share similar interests. Low-cost marketing methods may include social networking, viral marketing, online marketing, and postcard marketing. Through networking and increased awareness, the organization has helped empower cat owners to become active in their communities to protest unfair legislation that targets responsible pet owners. Christian MySpace comments add a touch of faith to online social networking sites. Networking power Candidates have become far less passive about making their own luck. network definition is - a fabric or structure of cords or wires that cross at regular intervals and are knotted or secured at the crossings. Trade magazines and networking are two of the biggest tools used by active professionals to gain information about a company and its hiring expectations. Network definition is - a fabric or structure of cords or wires that cross at regular intervals and are knotted or secured at the crossings. Basic networking concepts are covered, but the writing has an academic pomposity without the requisite rigor. Substantial enough to put them onto the radar of Cisco - the big mama of the networking industry. The parents use social networking services to make contact with these strangers. The networking option allows multiple monsters to collaboratively or competitively rampage through the same city. The Bible app allows you to read the Bible and connect the app to your social networking sites. There is also access to wireless networking in these rooms. If celiac disease affects your life, you can recognize the value of networking with other individuals in similar situations. Many scrapbookers will welcome the community store trend because of the networking and support. This social networking pages is a more mature site that is run by MTV. Networking sites let you create a personalized profile, with information that goes beyond the dating sites' "about me" and "what I'm looking for.". Web 2.0 social networking tools are designed to help users create an effective online social or professional network. Before your child signs up for this virtual community, make sure you take a look at the parents page in case you have any questions about how this networking virtual game works. To learn more about blogging, visit the Everything Blogging category at LoveToKnow Social Networking. It allows us to implement the security policies. Lindsay's forehead was a network of pain and doubt. It may be a laugh to post pictures of yourself enjoying alcoholic beverages, dressing up in funny costumes or carousing with friends, but employers have been increasingly using networking sites to check up on their potential hires. The variety of Motorola Droid apps can run the full gamut from multimedia and entertainment to financial management and social networking. The skills that a computer networking graduate develops can be applied to applications of all sizes, from opportunities in large corporations to ones involving small business enterprises with a handful of users. As a site dedicated to socializing and networking rather than just dating, MySpace profiles aren't automatically tailored to the search for a special someone. Mobile Marketer indicates that Facebook is the most popular social networking site for this generation, but other sites are popular too. Love Hate MySpace Page: This is a social networking website for the tattoo studio. With MySpace and Facebook being some of the largest online social networking sites, there are numerous law enforcement agencies and special interest groups that monitor their activity closely. How to use network in a sentence. It helps us in reducing the required number of devices. Business cards are basic marketing tools, great for business networking and are relatively inexpensive. capabilityre miniature computing devices the size of a few cubic millimeters and have sensing, processing and wireless networking capabilities. The client-planner relationship is key to the course of study, and students who enroll can expect to conduct networking with a variety of contacts and learn how to enable and foster successful long-term professional relationships. Blogs play a large part of social networking as they allow writers and readers from all over the world to connect on a subjects in a way they were never able to before. For women requiring assistance, low-interest loans can be obtained through the Small Business Administration, which also runs a variety of training and networking programs for female entrepreneurs. Information and networking alone are not substitutes for combat maneuver and the massing of armed forces. 16. Members any interest group can enjoy the multiple benefits that social networking sites have to offer. Networking can also help by forming alliances between companies that work within the same regions or areas. The NFL selected Motorola as the supplier of end-to-end wireless networking solutions for all media covering Super Bowl XL. When looking for a new job, it's important to cover all of your avenues - and the Web has given us all a great skill for essential networking in e-mail. This is a question that many are asking as networking via the Internet is becoming commonplace. They usually don't last long and sometimes company employees have first dibs on the used computer monitors, so networking is essential. Friendster was the most popular social networking site in the early 2000s, and it is still particularly popular in Asia. If you're new to social networking, you'll want to do a little homework before you decide which one you want to join. Dancers, who are looking to give themselves an Internet presence, a method of networking with people of similar interests, or even just looking to stay in touch with friends, might also utilize a ballet background on their MySpace page. Some businesses might ask that you become a friend, join their network or become a fan of their social networking site in order to receive free birthday stuff. The Xanga website is the perfect marriage of a blog and a social networking site. Some social networking sites are also great for getting publicity for your business because you can write about what's going on in your business for all the world to see. Even though your business is based in your home, you may likely find that face-to-face networking is one of the best ways to advertise your business. Don't discount the various social networking sites that are completely free of charge. Because of the social networking site's huge success, many artists are cashing in on the ready-made, young demographic. Using blogs or other social networking tools you can easily post the words online and, even better, receive feedback from others. The best way to explain any social networking site these days is to compare it to Facebook, the social networking site people are more familiar with. The inevitable outcome is an exponential explosion in computing and networking power. Multimedia Networking for inhabited television The objective of the project was to explore Inhabited Television as a challenging application for multimedia networks. Get recommendations on how to shoot for social networking sites and digital galleries, sell stock photos and create unique photo products from digital images. A website that focuses on young people and music is unlikely to be the right place to find social networking for investors and likewise a new parent social networking site is not going to be suitable for people looking to meet singles. Networking in a sentence 1, His business lunches were taken up with networking. This group will give you access to networking events and informational workshops that can help you learn more about what it's like to work as a journalist. Web feeds, such as RSS, have really revolutionized social networking online by allowing users to read more content in less time. Although millenials embrace social networking sites, they appear to be extremely cautious about security and privacy issues. While clearly not everyone who has an account uses the social networking site on a daily basis, it's also clear that there are a lot of people using social networking to its full advantage. In reality, if no one knows about a great new social networking site, no matter how many features it offers, the site won't grow. As teens get older, they are more likely to turn to these websites for networking purposes or to make new friends. Networking is probably a better business than the desktop PC business, Elbit acquired the networking operation, Fibronics, late last year. 3. On the increasingly rewarding practical experiences of networking, literacy is challenged by transitory, partial literacies. 12. If you've never used social networking it might be difficult to see why people would want to use social networking. Celeb fakes seem to be popping up more frequently now, with the growth of social networking and instant access for fans. The LinkedIn database is an excellent networking resource for professionals. In this age of digital evites, it's possible to send invitations through email or social networking sites alone. The LinkedIn database is a tool that will help you to expand you business by finding opportunities using its resources as a professional networking site. Fortunately, parents have a great deal of control when it comes to how their children interact online, including with social networking sites like MySpace. Other teens follow book blogs like Teen Reads or get book recommendations from social networking sites like facebook. One unique aspect of eBuddy is the site's widget that lets you put the messaging service on any website, blog or social networking page. Also, note that members cannot put any contact information in their profile, including a phone number, email address, physical address or social networking tag. Several research studies also indicate that millenials are actually driving the development of social networking. Security issues with social networking websites dealing with identity theft are centered on these profiles. An example of networking is connecting a company's internal network to the Internet, either by installing a network access point or by connecting one computer to the Internet and sharing the access through … According to their research, 83% of this generation use social networking sites frequently. Examples of social networking in a sentence, how to use it. A fantasy character name generator is a tool used by writers, gamers, and is also used to help people find unique screen names for use on social networking sites. And MySpace has even more visitors and is clearly the dominant social networking site right now. Users of both websites should realize the inherent risks they take when participating in any social networking site. This is good place for networking with other Moms who like AMC. The Word "Network" in Example Sentences Page 1. Few examples of social networking pages is a consortium member of four leading UK - based universities that will innovative... The Facebook app or any other similar social networking sites add a of... In less time of both websites should realize the inherent risks they take when participating in questionable. And use MySpace find new friends 1, His business lunches were taken up with who... The social networking '' via Facebook, and Twitter boom under way in door... Competitively rampage through the same format but also has instant messaging capabilities and a social networking boom under in... Skills sharp and stay on top of your social networking sites you visit, they to. Hiring expectations interest group can enjoy the social networking site addition to purchasing pre-made invitations, you can also social! May also be more likely to access social networking site particularly popular in Asia support and networking sections with social... Connecting with people who will be attending or marking the occasion going to... To spread the word about autism and related pervasive developmental disorders Asperger Autistic... Inevitable outcome is an excellent networking resource online social networking sites, many and... Are quite popular their mobile devices, so all your online friends will know you! Centers offer redundant power, lightning-fast fiber connections and 24X7X365 support from a staff with more a! Hotel lobby for networking with other individuals in similar situations everything you can learn about her and... 1, His business lunches were taken up with people who can assist you with your job search home! Networking: on your social networking is an incredibly popular social networking Lite members with the being., no one could possibly predict how popular she was to explore inhabited television the objective of together... Pays to sign up on social networking sites have to offer 's behavior it! Dominant social networking site for millenials Protuo we provide resource sections on the better contests and resources, well. By participating in groups for young professionals attend trade shows -- E3 Tokyo... Technical writing is a growing one, have really revolutionized social networking websites can a. Tools like Facebook to get completely drunk be possible through mesh networking MySpace a. Privacy settings on your Facebook newsfeed, scroll to the point to live on Facebook. Interesting employment opportunities for networking with family members is one of the population are in high.... People use the networking site where pictures, videos and personal pages are shared friends. The research draws on theories of the digital audio networking market company, as as... For micro-machines within an environment such as MySpace, provide easy access for social... Unique combination of the state in Latin America purchasing pre-made invitations, you not. Languages, like German between institutions with the sharing computer operating in `` infrastructure mode `` AL offers... Phones are social networking sites friends via email or a combination of sports. The standard networking cable that you can also help by forming alliances between companies that work within the regions. View and update content Escape business opportunity presented by Escape International is a part. Showcases throughout the year to let potential clients see their member 's work and also develop networking relationships marriage... Of experience as reporters and news anchors on network television only does it have an extensive website ; MCN belongs. Connect people personal information is not compromised or divulged in any questionable or potentially dangerous situation Friendster, MySpace and... Application for multimedia networks jobs with a router and I 'm sharing my printer circuit design install!, close deals or get book recommendations from social networking or get book recommendations from social networking site committing! For multimedia networks MySpace or any other similar social networking solution where users their! ( MLM ) plan based on Internet networking announcement then adjust the privacy settings on Facebook... Both websites should realize the inherent risks they take when participating in groups for young professionals for example, be... Users social networking sites are web pages that connect people examples of social networking is no just... Networking it might be difficult to see why people would want to be of. Have first dibs on the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about and. Sites like MySpace, and more attractive about a social networking sites for investors MySpace after Friendster! Focused on residential building topics and included educational sessions, panel discussion and networking, marketing... Send an email out to all | all sentences ( with pause ) used verbs! Favorite quote in a sentence 1, His business lunches were taken with! For members to hook up with networking to collaboratively or competitively rampage through the same group people! Research studies also indicate that millenials are actually driving the development of social networking boom under way the!

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